CFI can facilitate value added logistics services for catering to any requirements of clients who need to sub-contract their logistic and administrative processes. We have access to and provide to our clients all inclusive warehousing facilities both for importing or exporting cargo. We have the capabilities and facilities to provide the appropriate storage for every type of cargo including food items, chemicals, computer, arts and handicrafts and solid and liquid chemicals.

CFIPAK Is Here To Facilitate You with Warehousing Service in Pakistan

Warehousing is important for businesses looking to store their goods and inventory overall in the world and in country. Many businesses are searching for some warehousing service in Pakistan to store their cargo safely and they want to make sure that the warehousing service provider is a reliable service provider as well.

Combined Freight International or CFIPAK provides warehousing service in Pakistan to facilitate businesses looking to store their goods and cargo safely. Warehousing is not only limited to storage, but efficient handling as well because any kind of theft or mishandling can lead to huge losses for the business.

Raw materials coming from the suppliers, or finished goods coming from the manufacturers are usually stored in the warehouse before they are distributed to the concerned customer, retailer or have to be transported elsewhere. In either case, Warehousing is extremely important for companies dealing in bulk orders especially if their goods and cargo are not moving quickly. All kinds of companies and businesses even outside the Logistics and Freight Forwarding network make use of Warehousing services for plenty of reasons, and because Warehousing provides them a lot of benefits.

Pakistan is a country which has a vast industry of Supply Chain Management and Logistics, and companies are regularly requiring Warehousing services. Since Karachi is known as the ‘business hub’ of Pakistan, it is rather obvious that the most demand for warehousing services exists in Karachi. Therefore, it is best to hire a warehousing service in Karachi if you are a Karachi based business.

What benefits do you get from a warehousing service in Karachi or Pakistan?

  • Provides you support in production
  • Gives you an opportunity to expand your business
  • A platform to package and process your goods
  • The chance to stabilize the price of the goods
  • Provision for spot stocking
  • Safety and minimal business risk

As listed, Warehousing provides several benefits to businesses in a number of ways. If you are a supplier of raw material or a manufacturer of finished goods, you will most definitely need to store your cargo or goods somewhere in the safest way possible. A properly built Warehouse has enough room to facilitate cargo which is in goods, and also ensures safety from theft because no mere individual can trespass into it. The company providing the warehousing service will anyhow provide security services alongside as well, because it becomes their responsibility to protect the goods or cargo present in the Warehouse.


Businesses can also opt to store their goods until they feel that they are ready to sell them at a competitive market price, since prices tend to fluctuate from time to time. Instead of distributing their goods at lower prices, they can simply store the goods or cargo until they feel that the price is perfect for the final sale. Other than that, businesses need not worry about quickly transporting their goods or for the safety of their goods because once their goods have been transferred to a warehouse, they can rest assured since the responsibility becomes that of the warehouse owner. Warehousing also provides businesses an opportunity to package and process their materials with ease, instead of rushing through the process.

Hire CFIPAK to be Your Warehousing Service Provider in Pakistan

Combined Freight International or CFIPAK has been present in the Logistics and Freight Forwarding industry from almost twenty years, which is why we have become one of the best Warehousing companies in Pakistan. A lot of businesses now rely on to be their Warehousing service provider because we have established a reputation for being one of the best. Our services are not only limited to the city of Karachi, but we have offices and networks in Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad as well.

We can deliver you quality services in all domains of Logistics and Freight Forwarding, whether you need to hire a Logistics service, or need to request freight quote from a sea freight company. We are covering all domains!

Hiring our services will definitely benefit you in one way or the other. This is because we seek to provide excellence in all of the factors that are normally considered by companies when they think about hiring a warehousing service.

What factors do companies consider for Warehousing?

  • Location of the Warehouse
  • Warehouse size
  • Optimum Temperature in the Warehouse
  • Flexibility in Warehouse size
  • Affordability in price

We are very much aware that all businesses are looking to hire a service which delivers all of the above mentioned factors, and this is why we manage to deliver all of them as well. We have plenty of warehouses which are well guarded and affordable for business. Companies can use our services for both short term and long term, and will not have to worry about the price either because our rates are highly affordable as well.

If you are in an urgent need for a warehousing service provider, waste no more time and contact us today to know more about our services!