Custom Clearance Service

Combined Freight International Pakistan or CFIPAK is an authorized clearing forwarding agent in Pakistan and we seek to provide the best kind of services as a custom clearance company. Every business person knows that there are several processes which go into the transportation of a shipment. Every country has a set of rules and regulations and even requirements which have to be followed in order for the shipment to be transported successfully.

Custom Clearance is hefty work which involves preparation and submission of documentations which are compulsory as they are meant to facilitate the imports or the exports in a country. The person who does all the preparation and submission of documents, and also represents the client during customs assessment, examination and during the time that the cargo is being delivered from the customs is known as the Custom Clearance Agents or Clearing Forwarding Agents.

What is the role of Clearing Forwarding Agents?

  • To ensure compliance with the rules set by customs
  • To ensure that the clearance of goods is done within the stipulated time frame to avoid demurrage
  • To prepare documents such as bill of entry and submit them for the clearance process

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of looking for a Clearing Forwarding Agent, CFIPAK can help you out by providing you services for the best Clearing Agent in Karachi if you want.

What is the Importance of a Custom Clearance Service in Pakistan?

It is common knowledge that import and export of goods is happening on a daily basis in Pakistan through various forms of transport such as rail, road, sea and air. Proper and legal documentation is necessary to ensure that the goods are being transported safely, which is a quite long process. In order to complete this process, businesses operating in Pakistan need to hire a Custom Clearance Service in Pakistan so that they can have their goods cleared and transported properly.

If your business is involved in shipping heavy bulks of cargo on a regular basis, it is very important that you hire a Cargo Clearing Agency or Custom Clearance Company to handle the cargo clearing matters without any issues.

Hire CFIPAK to Be Your Clearing Forwarding Agent in Pakistan

With CFIPAK you have the advantage that you can avail any kind of service related to Logistics or Freight Forwarding. We can act as your Rail Transportation Service Broker and as your Clearing Agent in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad etc. When we act as your hired Cargo Clearing Agency, we make sure that we are providing you the complete services from start to finish. If you are wondering as to why you should hire us as your Custom Clearance Agent, we urge you to read through the services and benefits you can avail from our services.


Why choose us to be your Custom Clearance Agent?

  • We deal in all modes of transportation for delivering cargo from air to water to land
  • We can provide you cost-effective shipping solutions according to your budget
  • We can even arrange storage for your cargo and act as your warehousing service provider
  • We can even negotiate with the shipping line to get you the freight rates you need
  • We can process all kinds of shipping documents such as Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading etc.
  • We can arrange for your cargo to be transmitted from your premises to the port
  • We have been working in the industry from almost twenty years
  • We have an established network all over the country to process your procedures
  • We are registered in several renowned organizations such as PIFFA, FIATA, IATA and others

Combined Freight International Pakistan or CFIPAK has managed to become one of the most credible companies providing cheap custom service, and we are gradually on the path to becoming the best Custom Clearance Service in Pakistan mainly because we never compromise on the quality of our services.

One of the most notable features of our services is that we have the necessary contacts all over the country which helps us in carrying out our operations successfully. Our offices are present in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad as well, which means that customers can reach us in any of the major cities that they seek.

If you need to get any cargo shipped or delivered from one place to another, or need any kind of logistics solutions, do not hesitate in contacting us or visiting our office for your ease.